Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Fletcher, Joyce Fay. The Library (Xlibris Press, c2010) 352 p.
The Sojourner Truth branch of the Washington, D.C. Public library system is the setting for this exploration into the life of a library staff. There is Ursula Swann, the young reference librarian who is happy and proud to be a librarian and who works hard to be good at it. Jackie Ramsey, the assistant manager has chronic health problems although some believe she is abusing sick leave privileges. Monique Powell is the circulation supervisor. Susan McCall is the children's librarian. The manager, Albert Spencer is old and just wants everyone to calm down. The issues they deal with are familiar to many librarians. Staff rivalry, homeless and mentally ill patrons, censorship, budget cuts. And occasionally they get to help someone find the book or information they need.

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