Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Asimov, Isaac. Second Foundation ([New York]: Gnome Press, c1953) 224 p.
Homir Munn is identified as a “librarian, lanky and terribly ill-at-ease.” (p. 111). He stammers when under stress. His library is not identified but presumably it is the Terminus University Library in the capital of the Foundation. Munn has published numerous papers on the dictator known as the Mule and so is well qualified to go to the Mule's capital to hunt for information. Still, he objects.

I can't do any such a thing. I'm no man of action; no hero of any teleview. I'm a librarian. If I can help you that way, all right, and I'll risk the Second Foundation, but I'm not going out into space on any qu … quixotic thing like that.” (p. 120).

He goes. 

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