Friday, January 27, 2017

Harriss, Will. The Bay Psalm Book Murder (New York: Walker, 1983) 190 p.
Lincoln Schofield, Curator of Special Collections of "Los Angeles University" is murdered with a rare copy of the "Bay Psalm Book" in his hand. An English professor tracks down the murderer aided by the assistant librarian Akira Yonenaka. Akira is friendly, with a good sense of humor ("[my doctor] treated me for yellow jaundice for three years before he realized I'm Oriental" p. 29), but he is also scrupulously professional. Larry Archer, a librarian at the Huntington Library, also puts in an appearance to provide a clue. Archer is six foot four, broad shouldered and muscular. He is a karate expert and a sailor. The mystery centers on the suspected forgery of the Bay Psalm Book, recently donated to the library by a politician currently running for governor.

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